Friday, March 16, 2012

Review of 2012 Yamaha Byson


Review of Yamaha Byson 2012According to some sources Byson Yamaha who also had the name Yamaha FZ-16 Byson is about to be released in the near future, Yamaha Byson not been officially announced but is not expected much from its competitors New Megapro around Rp. 19 million-an, apparently intended as a successor to Yamaha Yamaha Bison, which have long Vixion out, some of which change the headlights, Desai exhaust and gasoline tanks that seemed futuristic. Bison carried a machine that yamaha FZ-16 150cc engine capacity to hold the same as Honda New Megapro with max power 14 HP. with the ignition system still uses karbulator, another weakness is also still using air cooling (water cooler). 


Looks like we should still wait to be tested the ability bener2 Byson, if indeed bener will be out in the near future could be a motor sport yamaha is going to be the closest competitor New Megapro. If your budget is also not sufficient to see the latest price of Honda motorcycles, do not forget to buy back and forth dong see reference phone nokia price, good post about Yamaha Byson, Price and Specifications Yamaha Yamaha Bison Byson useful. 


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